3 poems from 3… — Travis Macdonald

Author’s Note:

π (pi or 3.14159etc.) is a transcendental number. This suggests, among other things, that no finite sequence of algebraic operations on integers (powers, roots, sums, etc.) can be equal to its value. Consequently, its decimal representation never ends or repeats. It divides in endless variation.

The following text is composed solely of language borrowed in direct sequential and numerical order from The Book of Genesis, Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species (Chapter 8 – Hybridism) and Albert Einstein’s Special and General Theory of Relativity.

Each poem is comprised of individual lines whose word count corresponds precisely with the relative decimal point of pi to its first 1,415 places. When drawing from each source, the author has taken great care never to exceed 3 consecutive lines from any given text and, even then, only in cases where the process of natural selection demands. While the original language of each line is faithfully preserved, each selection has been re-punctuated for narrative purposes.



“A son
(such broad generality) should hold with such
exactness in one domain of phenomena, and
of the lord…” This is the Book of
Priori Not Very Probable. We
now proceed to the second argument, to
the likeness of God-made-he. Him?
and female created
(together, but from facts)
them. And
called their name Adam in the day.
When they were created (and
moving uniformly relative to each other) will
not be equivalent for the description of
likeness after “his” image and called “his” name.



Almost universal sterility of distinct species of animals, when
being formulated in a particularly simple—

and he begat sons and daughters and all the
of being removed by—domestication. Finally, looking
to all the
ascertained facts on the intercrossing of
motion as our
body of reference, we should then be
Sterility, both in first crosses and in
hybrids, is an extremely general result but that
(at rest and all other Galilean systems)
knowledge be
And he died and
will now consider (a little more
in detail) the circumstances and rules governing the
relative to which less
simple laws would hold.

Chief object will be to see whether or not

rules indicate
the fact
that the carriage ( K )
would be in motion (i.e. really) with respect to—
and blending together in utter
confusion—the following…



In other words, with
velocity ( W ) does the man advance relative to
Early withering of the flower
is well known to be a sign of incipient
consideration. If the man were to stand still
Self, fertilised hybrids
would advance relative to the embankment
of seeds
to multiply on the face of the earth and
carriage. As a consequence of walking,
sons of god saw the daughters of
sterile (but the parallelism
fair) and they took them wives of
cross. And the Sterility of Hybrids
produced two classes.

Velocity with which he is walking thus, in total,
is flesh. Yet his days shall be a hundred
and twenty years. There were giants

with unusual facility and produce.
Hybrid Offspring (yet these hybrids are remarkably sterile)
of Velocities employed in classical mechanics cannot

be maintained. In other words: The Law.


Travis Macdonald was recently named a 2014 Pew Fellow in the Arts. He is the author of two full-length books – The O Mission Repo [vol.1] (Fact-Simile) and N7ostradamus (BlazeVox) – as well as several chapbooks, including: Bookquet (Shirt Pocket), Title Bout (Shadow Mountain), Basho’s Phonebook (E-ratio), BAR/koans (Erg Arts), Sight & Sigh (Beard of Bees), Time (Stoked Press) and Hoop Cores (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press). In his spare time, he co-edits Fact-Simile Editions with his wife JenMarie.