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Girls with Fishes — Thao Nguyen

*** Portrait painter Thao Nguyen studied painting at Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Art. She is creating a project of capturing random portraits through her way of living, traveling, and meeting random… Continue reading

The Seashell — z.m. quỳnh

  March, 2015, San Jose, California Bà Ngoại’s hypnotic song fills the darkness of the room, echoing through the small chamber of the seashell. I pull it close to my head, nestling my… Continue reading

“Book of Secrets, Chapter 1, Page 7” — Coco Owen

(Shane Guffogg, oils, 2006)   “A courier came into the outer office with an urgent cable for my boss.” (Ellsberg, p. 7) Is a secret concealed in these layers of paint, these layers… Continue reading

untitled letter by Nhã Thuyên, trans. Kaitlin Rees

“untitled letter” first appeared in bilingual magazine AJAR issue 2, which is published in Hanoi. A few changes have been made from the original publication. thư không mưa đêm co thắt họng những… Continue reading

A Sacrificial Song for the Model Minority — Sophia E. Terazawa & Dylan Lowry

*** Sophia E. Terazawa is a poet and performance artist. A witness at the crossroads. Her work appears in As[I]Am, Kalyani Magazine, As/Us, and other journals. Dylan Lowry makes films. He is currently working… Continue reading

from THE SINGING GERUNDS — Stephanie Anderson

04.22.14 Noodle soup for breakfast & pan flutes he tells me his early sightings hot & hotter today new bites on my knees moon on blue like a stray slip of cloud sheets… Continue reading

8 Paintings and Drawings — Vu Tran

  *** Growing up messing with pencils and papers, Vu Tran developed a passion for fine arts. He decided to focus on his talent for painting when he was 17. Three years later,… Continue reading

Lemon Power — Mary Langer Thompson

It’s one of those fruits you can’t take by itself, can’t even lick its acidic tartness and tanginess with- out puckering. It’s a team player only, and for more than lemonade. Remember the… Continue reading


  *** Cristina Nualart lived for 4 years in Vietnam, where she worked as a lecturer, artist and arts writer. She has recently returned to her European homeland, where she continues to be… Continue reading

2 poems — Teresa Mei Chuc

FAMILY after the war in Vietnam, boat refugees When they woke up in the morning, all that was left was the skeleton. The bones of the father. His flesh, not already eaten by… Continue reading

12 Photographs — Neyda Enid Moulier

  *** Neyda Enid Moulier is the Secondary School Counselor for the American International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University… Continue reading

Embody by P.K., trans. Kaitlin Rees

“Embody” first appeared in bilingual magazine AJAR issue 2, which is published in Hanoi. A few changes have been made from the original publication.   Hóa thân Hắn mắc phải một chứng bệnh… Continue reading