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2 poems — Richard Olson

A Place Called Hope My grandmother wrote me in a letter once when I was in Viet- nam, out in the Plain of Reeds how she’d been looking for a map of Viet-… Continue reading

Oarswoman — Rick Silva

Firm in the mud, astride the timestream slip between darkness of Delta night-quiet and the brick kiln flare of full day, the dredging rigs have a line of barges waiting, and she is… Continue reading

Freedom is shriveling and consciousness has been assassinated by Phạm Vũ Văn Khoa , trans. Kaitlin Rees

“Freedom is shriveling and consciousness has been assassinated” first appeared in bilingual magazine AJAR issue 2, which is published in Hanoi. A few changes have been made from the original publication. Tự do… Continue reading

2 poems — Sandra Kohler

MINDFUL Tuesday. Gray Tuesday. The day of which one must be mindful is always Tuesday, a day of no particular meaning, its minimal taste offered, water to the tongue, like the drink you… Continue reading

2 poems — Jonathan Travelstead

ADDICTION TRACT Because children’s coloring books teach us to find What is Missing from one of two similar pictures, I consider what was never there: Tonguing the molar whose pith- porous as a… Continue reading


Why do you weep for me? I am everywhere. 1. I whisper this epitaph through whistle bone on the impossible climb to God’s table laden with the gifts I’ve prepared deep within my… Continue reading

2 poems — Kevin Heaton

BRING ME MY SHEAVES Sunshowers spit-shined the shark’s tooth that gutted Kansas’ only diamondback. You were just a puff adder feigning rattles— scavenging rat droppings for field mice in bales of switchgrass. I… Continue reading


And what of the disappeared? What of the moments rising from the bottom of the spring In fever, we found each other once, like drowning men scraping their fingers raw against the rocks… Continue reading

1:00 AM Beneath Bronze Arches — Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

And even though she was renowned throughout the region for her souffles supreme so sweet so savory so fluffy some of which she filled with jams crafted from fruit— apples, peaches, strawberries, and… Continue reading

3 poems — Ellen Elder

IN A SALVADOR DALI PAINTING I have sex with ghosts (she says). You look better as a clam shell (he says). Love me ripe into a pomegranate. The waltz of a camel. I… Continue reading

DREAMS OF NOTHING — Frederick Pollack

1 The rent is paid, which has the status of a miracle, self-wrought, his alone; or an escape, however brief. He draws the shades, so that in time he will imagine a day… Continue reading


The basic reason for my life is that there comes a time when I am guided by a great hunger.           ~ Clarice Lispector, The Breath of Life “When I feel hunger, I have… Continue reading

3 poems — Tim Kahl

THE ALPENHORN The herders sounded all is well to the Kingdom Hall below in the valley, where both halves of the mind are held together by the lessons learned from Abraham. They are… Continue reading

SMITHSONIAN–Mark Lamoureux

I. Victor Ekpuk slave narrative face tracings dissolve into a black blood tsunami, benches like coffins, eviscerated by the gold trade; masks are discrete beings. Punu link the white-faced masks with female beauty,… Continue reading


1. This is a study of you as the sea. This is a way of seeing your surface reflect the depths from whose waves roll reveries & loneliness; where I see my watery… Continue reading

2 audio poems — Tendai Mwanaka

THE CHOICE IS NOT MINE *** IN THIS SEA *** Tendai Mwanaka’s collection of poetry titled Voices from Exile was published by Lapwing Publications, Northern Ireland in 2010. His novel Keys in the… Continue reading

2 poems — Gale Acuff

A MAN WHO MEANS BUSINESS Tomorrow I have to go to Sunday School and see Miss Hooker, she’s my teacher and I hate loving her as much as I do God since that’s… Continue reading


with samplings from Keats (“Endymion”) and Yeats (“No Second Troy”) (Mythologies) and Barthes (Mythologies) “Some shape of beauty moves away the pall From our dark spirits” gliding in the aisle toward our seats.… Continue reading