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Oarswoman — Rick Silva

Firm in the mud, astride the timestream slip between darkness of Delta night-quiet and the brick kiln flare of full day, the dredging rigs have a line of barges waiting, and she is… Continue reading

Freedom is shriveling and consciousness has been assassinated by Phạm Vũ Văn Khoa , trans. Kaitlin Rees

“Freedom is shriveling and consciousness has been assassinated” first appeared in bilingual magazine AJAR issue 2, which is published in Hanoi. A few changes have been made from the original publication. Tự do… Continue reading

Ridden — Jason Marc Harris

“Memory is another name for ghosts and their awful hunger.” — from “Apple” by Eugene Gloria   It was Hmong New Year. Phang was thirteen-years-old, and Grandfather Zaj told his stories to the… Continue reading